The Grock Villa and the Clown Museum

Estate Grock, a.k.a. the “Manor Bianca”, in Imperia, Liguria, is a landmark and a one of a kind site. Grock worked with Armando Brignole to outline it. The trademark note of this complex development was Brignole’s creative, individual and rich “Freedom style”, perfect for the luxurious house of a whimsical jokester. Grock assumed a central part all through the whole house extend history. The manor and the recreation center had to the recompose the proprietor’s most profound sense of being, his method for understanding and living. Their outline and design give a practically distancing sensation to the guest in view of their ornate excess. As a greatest levelheadedness, joined with consistent references to typical subtle elements and to the most recent advances, the aftereffect of this deliberate work was a structure ready to amaze, astonish and be a phase for the agent capacities for which it was outlined: the rooms were perfect for Grock’s carnival ring, for welcoming companions to gatherings and gatherings, and for the formation of his shows, stiflers and music. It can be said without the dread of logical inconsistency that the Grock Villa truly is the home of the Clowns’ King, in its strict sense and with no incongruity. Typical components alluding to a practically consistent riddle trigger can be found all through the estate’s design: Grock’s self-start travel through the lights of his secret and figurative convictions. The manor’s whole image framework in truth uncovers Grock’s identity part: he can, from one viewpoint, be coordinated towards the lite and lighthearted reality (really significant and unpretentious) that characterizes the jokester’s humoristic figure, and, then again, towards the world’s darkest and most aggravating life riddles.

The lavish and unique living arrangement of the best comedian ever, Grock, is reawakened on account of a one of a kind social course, in light of new advances. An energizing, immersive and enchanted trip devoted to bazaar experts and, specifically, to the Clown workmanship has been envisioned in this commendable reestablished Villa.

The course goes, with an inconspicuous reference to exquisite music, as an inventive adventure through the jokester’s basic signals and articulations, impolite jokes and destructiveness. The visitor is submerged in a spectacular setting and reflected in mysterious mirrors. He opens ponder storage rooms where antiquated cheerful joyful apparitions show up out of the blue. He is in his own “Alice in Wonderland”, that is in an unforeseen place amongst giggling and sentimentality, amongst East and West, amongst culture and proof of physical ability. The carnival’s reality, made of sounds, hues and notices that everybody has known at any rate once in their lifetime, has constantly brought forth an extraordinary interest instantly catching the creative energy. Journalists and craftsmen have dependably been delicate to the drifters’ allure and propelled by these phenomenal intriguing impacts to restore, nearly as in a fantasy, tumblers, artists, performers and comedians who have continually caught the onlookers’ creative ability. The carnival’s microcosm’s sudden road appearance and fleeting entry make it mysterious: it by one means or another dependably vanishes in thin air once more!

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